Though Haven! CA, Inc. is a non-profit animal rescue we have 1 very significant difference from most other pet rescues you may be familiar with; we DO NOT adopt out any animals.  This means that we also DO NOT have any adoption fees.  

Your "standard/average" homeless pet rescue will often recover some or all medical expenses associated with a particular pet through those fees. Since our goal is to reunite every one of our charges with their families when they are ready to transition out of emergency housing we don't have the benefit of those funds.  Most of our clients are rebuilding their lives, finding new jobs, housing, and buying basic necessities so all of our services are provided free of charge.

Many of our animals are in need of medical care when they arrive in our program. Aside from the veterinary exam that EVERY pet received upon arrival (to make sure they are healthy and don't have any hidden injuries) many abusers do not allow the victim to take the animal to the veterinarian for basic care. This means that many animals we receive have never been spayed/neutered, vaccinated,received flea treatment or microchipped. These animals must have all of these needs addressed before they can be received by our foster homes.  Even at deeply discounted prices from our wonderful veterinarians these basic services cost us $180 for spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchipping and flea treatments run about $12 per month. That is $200 before we provide any meals or any advanced care.

As a not for profit corporation Haven! CA, Inc. relies 100% on public donations to support its programs and services. Make a donation today and help us extend our services to additional communities in California and grow our programs.


If you would like to donate please complete the button below or make out a check to Haven! CA, Inc. and mail it to:

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